Filler Genyal Polyvalent

Filler Genyal Polyvalent

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Genyal Polyvalent: the filler for every solution

Continual physico-chemical studies on cross-linking have resulted in the synthesis of all the experience gained to date, resulting in the creation and development of an ingenious product that incorporates all the benefits desired by medical staff and patients, i.e. safe, natural, long-lasting and comfortable implants, in a single solution: for this reason Genyal Polyvalent, the polyvalent filler for all types of cosmetic correction, was formulated.

  • treats all types of superficial and medium-depth wrinkles
  • remodels the lip contours and increases lip volume

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid
HA concentration – 23 mg/ml
Stabilizer – BDDE 0,4 ppm
Dynamic viscosity ~ 500 000 mPa.s
Molecular weight – 3 million Daltons
Degree of cross-linking – ++++
Packaging – 1 × 1 ml
Needle – 2 x 27 G ½

Duration –8-12 months


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Volume: 1 ml

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