Bioformula Biorigeneris

Bioformula Biorigeneris

200 ml

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The most invaluable restructuring agent active against skin aging and wrinkles formation


The product line Bioformula Biorigeneris® is formulated to protect and stimulate the natural process of repair and renewal of the skin, at all hours of day and night.

Unique skin throughout the day and night in just three steps.

Repair, protect and regenerate. Three steps, three products whose targeted actions combine to achieve a unique result: making your face more youthful, luminous and radiant.

Age, stress, and increasingly high pollution levels can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, imperfections or favour the development of facial expression lines. Counteracting the skin’s aging process therefore becomes truly important.

Bioformula Biorigeneris® products are innovative, regenerative anti-wrinkle treatments, specifically designed to protect and continuously stimulate the natural repair and renewal processes of his or her skin throughout the day and night.

Biorigeneris® day & night

Regenerates, lightens, and rejuvenates your skin




It is everything skin craves in the morning. Rich and nourishing, the first step of the day delivers highly concentrated anti-oxidant vitamin A (RETINOL), vitamin C (ASCORBIC

ACID) and vitamin E acetate (TOCOPHERYL ACETATE) to the skin, to repair it and insure proper hydrolipidic balance. The efficacious, targeted action of the serum, dispensed with the enclosed graduated syringes, stimulates the skin’s regenerative processes and helps prevent loss of tone and elasticity.



This special emulsion is meant to be applied sometime between the morning and evening treatment. Easily absorbed, it deeply nourishes and protects the skin from free radicals, insuring luminosity and radiance while restoring the skin’s optimal level of hydration.

The formula is enriched by a 10 SPF factor (SUN PROTECTION FACTOR), to effectively counteract photo-induced reactions and aging effects caused by sunlight on the skin.



The serum contains Human Epithelial Growth Factor (HUMAN OLIGOPEPTIDE-1), the ideal agent for boosting the skin’s nightly regenerative processes. Meant to be applied using the graduated syringe just before retiring for the night, this special product is a proven and effective anti-wrinkles agent.

Your skin will look and feel soft and smooth in the morning.


The Bioformula Biorigeneris® is a complete treatment based vitamin (A, C, E) and

EGF (Human Epithelial Growth Factor). It has been ascertained that, once applied to the skin, produces beneficial effects essentially through a physical action as well as biological mechanisms.

The investigation of biological effects, performed in in vitro studies on fibroblasts, evidenced that the Bioformula Biorigeneris® possess cellular nutritional properties, as it can partially replace fetal calf serum in normal fibroblast cultures, and it is able to stimulate cell multiplication. These actions can be attributed mainly to the vitamins (A, C, E) and EGF (Human Epithelial Growth Factor) present in the product. The trophostimulant activity of the Bioformula Biorigeneris® promotes cell regeneration by sustaining cell nutrition and enhancing cell turnover.

The triple action of Bioformula Biorigeneris® determines an exceptional skin restructuring power, which makes of this product a unique cosmetic agent unbeatable in minimizing the damages of age and environment on skin.


Cleanse in the morning

Applied BIORIGENERIS®DAY SERUM locally wrinkle depending on the depth of the same.

Before exiting as a base for makeup to apply BIORIGENERIS® ANTI-AGING CREAM®

Evening to cleanse and apply BIORIGENERIS® NIGHT SERUM.


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Volume: 200 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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