Bioformula Bio Wrinkle

Bioformula Bio Wrinkle

30 ml

410 kr

Cosmetic product with proven effectiveness represents a new generation metabolism product via skin surface in cosmetology.

The stimulating effect of Retinol is increased manifold by combining it in phospholipids (Liposystem Complex®), which guarantee the optimum absorption by the skin, contributing to the rejuvenating effect on cells, as well as neutralizes free radicals in deeper layers of epidermis.

The restoring effect of Liposystem Complex® Retinol and the lifting effect of Phytodermina Lifting® significantly smoothen out wrinkles and slow down skin ageing.

Effectiveness of the cream is complemented by sun protection factor (SPF 4), which helps to protect skin against aggressive impact of sun rays.


Method of application:

Apply twice a day with light massaging moves until fully absorbed.

The “air less” type of packaging allows taking only the required amount of the preparation each time until its full utilization.

This ensures hygienic safety of the preparation.

When pressed on “cup”, the preparation is automatically discharged.

When using the preparation for the first time, the described actions need to be repeated several times to start the discharge.


Best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically TESTED

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Number: 1 PC.
Volume: 30 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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