Bioformula Bio Solar 50+

Bioformula Bio Solar 50+

50 ml

320 kr

Protective cream with a function of very strong shield, especially intended for very sensitive skin. Developed for use after pealing and cosmetic procedures, may be used for children and newborns. It’s very strong protective effect is the result of using a broad spectrum of sun protection filters for neutralizing UV, complexed in closed nanospheres, which increase stability and prevent absorption by the skin, thus stimulating a local effect and reducing the already low toxicity of complex filters to practically zero level.

SPF 50+ and an excellent combination of UVA/UVB guaranteeing practically full neutralizing of short-wave UVA rays, which are very harmful to skin.

Due to presence of Phospholipides and Tocopherol, this cream ensures maximum effectiveness in combination with a nourishing and softening effect.

Does not leave white stains on the skin at the place of application and may be used as a basis for make-up. BIOFORMULA BIO SOLAR 50+ fully conforms to the requirements of the most advanced CEE, USA, standards, as well as the stricter standards of Australia.

Method of application:

Apply the product with light massaging moves until achieving even thickness.

Apply a significant amount of the product when exposed to sun rays for a long time.

The “air less” type of packaging allows taking only the required amount of the preparation each time until its full utilization.

This ensures hygienic safety of the preparation.

When pressed on “cup”, the preparation is automatically discharged.

When using the preparation for the first time, the described actions need to be repeated several times to start the discharge.

best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically TESTED

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Number: 1 PC.
Volume: 50 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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