Bioformula Bio Lenitive SPF-25

Bioformula Bio Lenitive SPF-25

50 ml

262 kr

Cosmetic product developed on the basis of active substances with a special calming, normalizing and protecting effect.

Due to the high content of 18 beta glycyrrhizinic acid, Zinc oxide and Vitamin E, this preparation ideally fits for the flushed or very sensitive skin as a result of physiological dysfunction or aggressive influence of the surrounding environment (erythema due to influence of sun, cold or surface-active agents, etc.).

Ideally fits for restoring the balance of cellular layers of vulnerable skin or the skin with problematic appearance after a beauty treatment (pealing and cosmetic therapy).

This product is suitable also for children and newborns.

Presence of Sun filters, locked in special non-absorbing nanospheres, ensures their active presence on the skin for a longer period of time.

This guarantees the maximum level of protection from ultra violet rays, which often cause serious irritation of the skin.

BIOFORMULA BIO LENITIVE, with a protective factor from the harm caused by sunrays

(SPF 25), conforms to the CEE, USA, standards, as well as stricter standards of Australia.

Method of application:

Apply several times a day with light massaging moves until fully absorbed.

The “air less” type of packaging allows taking only the required amount of the preparation each time until its full utilization.

This ensures hygienic safety of the preparation.

When pressed on “cup”, the preparation is automatically discharged.

When using the preparation for the first time, the described actions need to be repeated several times to start the discharge.

Best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically TESTED

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Number: 1 PC.
Volume: 50 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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