Bioformula Bio Hydra

Bioformula Bio Hydra

50 ml

320 kr

Light emulsion characterized by intense moisturising and firming effect, obtained as a result of the synergic impact of ingredients of natural origin.

Phytodermina C and Cyclosystem Complex® of Moisturizing factor helps the natural ability of the skin to restore and maintain the required level of moisture, at the same time exerting another significant impact – nourishes the skin and restores the cellular balance.

Allantoin, with its strong calming and firming effect on epidermis, complements to restorative and protective functions.

The special combination of active substances and the highest quality of the used raw materials make BIOFORMULA BIO HYDRA an effective and safe product, especially suitable for a long-term use, helping to maintain the physiological condition of the skin and protect it from the harmful effect of the surrounding environment.

When applied regularly, BIOFORMULA BIO HYDRA helps to preserve natural moisture of the skin, improves its appearance and freshness of the face.

Method of application:

Apply the preparation at least once a day after thorough cleansing of the face, with light massaging moves until fully absorbed.

The “air less” type of packaging allows taking only the required amount of the preparation each time until its full utilization.

This ensures hygienic safety of the preparation.

When pressed on “cup”, the preparation is automatically discharged.

When using the preparation for the first time, the described actions need to be repeated several times to start the discharge.

Best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically tested

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Number: 1 PC.
Volume: 50 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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