Bioformula Bio Firming Gel

Bioformula Bio Firming Gel


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Creamy gel for body with especially effective firming properties, as a result of synergic impact of valuable active substances.

Regular application of the product stimulates local microcirculation and metabolism, facilitating reduction of fat deposits beneath the skin, detoxification and energizing regeneration of cells.

The draining, reducing and mostly stimulating effect of Centella Asiatica and L-Carnitine is combined with the effect of Phytodermina C, which nourishes and moisturises skin, tones it,ensuring a significant increase of firmness of the processed area.

Inclusion of Carnitine in the composition of Cyclosystem Complex® protects the molecule, improves its stability and allows to achieve the progressive release of substances on the skin surface, resulting in increase of biological presence of the active substance, and, subsequently, to higher effectiveness and long-lasting results.


Method of application:

Apply the preparation on the required area of skin twice a day with light massaging moves until fully absorbed.

For best results, we recommend to use the preparation together with BIOFORMULA BIO CELL and BIOFORMULA BIO LIPOGEL.

Best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically tested

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Manufacturer country: Italy

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