Bioformula Bio Cell

Bioformula Bio Cell

200 ml

320 kr

The easy to apply and fast absorbing BIOFORMULA BIO CELL has the effective and completely safe impact on skin directed at fighting cellulite.

The specially selected composition of active substances (L-Carnitine, Theophylline, Menthol)stimulates reduction of fat deposits beneath the skin, detoxication and energy regeneration of cells, stimulates local blood circulation and facilitates removal of fluids stored in cellulite areas; it has the refreshing effect.

All this contributes to restoring physiological functions of the skin by significantly reducing the so-called “orange peel”.

The effect of active substances is additionally enhanced by the Cyclosystem Complex® which, by means of the process of controlled substance release, guarantees constant and permanent presence on the skin, preventing potential irritations associated with the substances not being in the complex form.


Method of application:

Apply the preparation on the required area of the skin twice a day with light massaging moves until fully absorbed.

For best results, we recommend to use the preparation together with BIOFORMULA BIO FIRMING GEL and BIOFORMULA BIO LIPOGEL


Best before:

1 year after opening


Please refer to packaging

No preservatives – clinically tested

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Number: 1 PC.
Volume: 200 ml
Manufacturer country: Italy

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